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Sr Wilson Hungry Man Belen Natali Woman Soldier




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Cara A

Sr Wilson Hungry man

Chalart58 Dub Version

Cara B

Belen Natali Woman Soldier

Chalart58 Dub Version

  1. Sr Wilson Hungry man 0:52
  2. Chalart58 Dub Version 0:47
  3. Belen Natali Woman Soldier 0:48
  4. Chalart58 Dub Version 1:00

They spit their hate in our faces and look without heart

They just took all away for them and then they said is okey , hey.

I think the problem got name and is the fear who is killing our faith

I will sorvive in this grey jail to be a soldier you cant lie yourself

I try to be a better woman in this cold land Is many-many-many trouble to be no-strong

So much people who needs love and care So many one who got money and no soul now.





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